Here is the list of my own published collections, projects, and some journals and anthologies that have included my work.


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November 2014



a second poetry collection,

 from Cultured Llama Press


March 2014



'Malta Child'

tales of a childhood in the 1950s


available from :

- all stories listed separately on this site



 August 2012 




How do women cope with war ?

Whether they are wives, daughters, lovers, mothers or mistresses, they suffer and celebrate on the sidelines. These stories explore the experience of women among warriors in a wide range of settings - from myth to Roman and Renaissance history, from World War II to the present day.


'Once more Vivien Jones shares her sympathy for women whose sense of themselves is either damaged or strengthened by what they endure. These are stories that follow unflinchingly the narrative of the heart'  Tom Pow.

available from Pewter Rose Press






                                           Pewter Rose Press 2010 short stories

                                         on women & weight : a first full collection






First poetry collection 2010

Indigo Dreams Press







a first chapbook                              on renaissance themes                              a second chapbook

Selkirk Lapwing Press 2006              Two Beans Press 2008                               erbacce press 2008



performance texts from collaborative projects with musicians,

Michael Hendry, Rebecca Hendry & Richard Jones
























'Tree' 2009

new writing and music on                                                             'Making Waves' 2007

wood, trees and "Tree' the forest                                          new writing and music on

                                                                                                          rivers and the sea



collaborations with other writers and artists,

Jean Atkin, Jackie Galley & Fiona Russell






















                                                .....some of the anthologies







Clockworks,Glasgow 2012                  POTB 2012 - top quality            Riptide - 2013 Dirt Pie Press

writing for train journey                        magazine, Aberdeen                      on childhood




Cargo Press 2012 - writers in                             Red Squirrel Press 2012

Scotland for tsunami victims in





Unbound Press 2012                    ASLS 2011

                                               New Writing Scotland 29







Wigtown Women's Walk 2011                                                                 Haven Books (Hong Kong)


Harvard Square Editions 2010